The Myton Community College is our Adult Education Centre based in West Hull and Inner East Leeds.

The Centre is open to members of the public and offers a wide variety of learning activities from basic IT skills to those wanting to improve their English to helping people to look for employment. All our classes are small and informal and many are free of charge. We provide frontline Learning services at Inner City Wards level with Indices of Multiple Deprivation, low skills, literacy and social skills, benefit claimants, crime and high unemployment. We have a programme of learning and training with a team of trained Tutors with professionals’ knowledge and experience in a range of community learning setting and our City wide community learning activity-based programme, includes working with specialist agencies, and community-based groups and statutory organizations.

Over the years our learning activities has enabled disadvantaged people to make choices about the way they live and moving them nearer to the labor market.

Please call our Learning Centres or check the courses on the website for more details on the services provided by the Learning Centre.

Please call the Tutor Martin on 07405 499 881 for initial contact or


And to book an interview or you can email