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    Myton Community College is a forward-thinking, progressive community college much respected for providing information, advice, career guidance, education, and employment opportunities.

    Our mission is to provide learning opportunities for the people across Yorkshire. We work in some of the most disadvantaged Wards, running several learning and social projects that meet our aims and objectives.

    The Community College has recently embarked on Digital Accessibility Training. The Digital Skills Project, funded by the Big Lottery Community Fund, wants to improve people’s digital skills at every stage of learning; we will help you in your daily life and your career.

    Building learners’ confidence in ICT and Digital Skills applications is our primary focus for people and communities to be more confident using the internet and communicating online. We want to train people in Digital Skills that could open up new career opportunities or help them do their current job better.

    As technology advances, most jobs are beginning to need some level of digital skill. Technology is also creating lots of exciting new careers.

    These jobs will need workers with the confidence to:

    •              Use the internet on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC
    •              Communicate online using email and social media
    •              Work from home or a remote location. For example, using online tools like Zoom, Skype, Teams and Facetime to communicate
    •              Create online accounts to access information
    •              Search for reliable information online
    •              Behave safely and legally online
    •              How to code a website
    •              Using social media as a marketing tool

    We hope that you will choose to enrol with us for Digital Skills Training

    Martin Chinga
    Director of Programmes