Preparing for the world of work

Employability Qualifications help learners develop the skill set needed to become successful employees

Myton Community College develops our learners’ personal and workplace skills with nationally recognised qualifications from

 Entry 2 to Level 3

• Credit-based with a choice of units

• Single unit accreditation available

• included in the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF)

 Employability units include:

• Maintaining work standards

• Team working

• Career exploration

• Overcoming barriers to work

• Enterprise skills

• Rights and responsibilities at work

• Applying for a job

• Health and safety in the workplace

• Customer service

• Tackling problems

• Learning through work experience


Employability Qualifications


Employability candidates achieve qualifications by completing a number of core and additional units at the appropriate level. Each unit is credit rated: 6 credits are required for an Award qualification and 15 credits are required for a Certificate qualification. One credit is broadly equivalent to 10 hours of learning time.

 How can these qualifications be used?

The Employability qualifications are suitable for use in:

• Training organisations

• FE colleges and Adult Education Centres

• Prisons

• Sixth forms

The qualifications can be used as part of:

• 16-19 Study Programmes

• Traineeships

• Youth Contract

• Work Programmes

• Offender learning programmes

• Employability Fund

How are the qualifications assessed?

Candidates create a portfolio of evidence based on their work-related activities and experiences. Centre staff assesses portfolios against the qualification standards, using guidance provided by ASDAN. Portfolios are then externally moderated and certificated by ASDAN.

Funding information

Unit funding is available for Employability qualifications.

For a list of eligible units visit:

For young people aged 16-18 all of the ASDAN Employability qualifications are funded by the Education Funding Agency (EFA).

For adults aged 19+ funding is available from the Skills Funding Agency for Entry 2, Entry 3 and

Level 1

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