Myton Community College Friendly, Focused and Flexible

Myton Community College has developed from a friendly, relaxed, welcoming, and supportive environment that is our hallmark. We’ve come a long way, from a fledgling local learning projects held together by a dream and a lot of determination. During those modest beginnings pioneered with a vision of providing accessible learning, we have been pitched in putting together facilities to create a learning environment that would serve as an economic driver and the cultural hub of the Humber region and beyond. The Learning Centre has now Desks, library and bookshelves and training rooms, and our ICT facilities have now set works to undertake, Career, Information, Advice and Guidance, Courses and Social Action Projects which enables the wider community to learn together for the skills they require.

The starting point of Myton Community College is Big Lottery Funding and  Community Grant which has enabled the delivery of learning activities designed to boost employability of disadvantaged communities. Myton was set up to allow for new project ideas in community settings, which target clearly identified barriers and  introduce  innovative interventions in Career, Information, Advice and Guidance, training and employment.

Somehow we now known and we are getting in on for big Partnerships.