Adult Learning


Community based adult learning

Myton Community College is working in community based adult learning setting, the purpose of which is to empower and enable individuals, groups and communities to participate in learning opportunities, which are provided in a way which makes them accessible and easy for everyone to reach.

Adult learning, which takes place in a community rather that an institutional setting, can be identified by any of the following features:

  • has a widening participation agenda, which aims to reach individuals/groups in communities, who would/could not normally attend institutionally based adult education
  • addresses the learning needs of specific individuals/groups in communities through customised provision
  • Brings formal and non formal learning opportunities into a community location.

Our community based learning covers work with individuals/groups in the context of their own community and takes place in many settings. It plays a major role in building social inclusion and supporting civil renewal and includes the provision of adult skills for literacy and numeracy and addressing barriers that hinder people from progressing in social and economic development.

Community learning is often undertaken in partnership between larger institutions and smaller community based voluntary organisations using a combination social action projects: